Saturday, October 14, 2017

short story slam week 78, 11/30 ---12/25, 2017, Christmas and Gratitude toward family members and kind friends

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Tell us the good and down side of hen, rooster, chick...etc.

Goodbye to the year of rooster, 2017
welcoem to the year of dog, 2018

short story slam week 77, november 16 ---December 3, thanksgiving for brown and grizzly bears

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Thanksgiving for brown bear in South Africa
and North Pacific Islands

short story slam week 76, 11/2/2017---11/19/2017, Humor, Poetry form, and Lots of Laughter

incredible fishing stratgy and fat cat king from mary fisher fishing tanks

story of the week 75,

short story slam week 75, oct 12 --nov 5, Happy Halloween  

A Drive to clear the Mind 

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I think of you,
a reliable aisdom
you think of me
a good company

I trust you in relational kindness
you woo me for software of mutual understanding
we are two rivers
we both contrast

yet attract
Moon of the sky